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Our Tractor/Snowblower tire chains are designed to give maximum traction to your garden tractor or snow blower. 2-link cross chain spacing gives you the grip you need to finish the job in ice, snow, mud and more. These chains are Zinc plated hardened steel construction and are sold in pairs.



Tread Type

Weight (Pair)



16x5.50x8, 16x6.50x8, 5.00x5.70x8 2-Link 9.00 lbs. Peerless
16x6.50x8, 16x6.50x6 2-Link 13.00 lbs. Peerless
16x7.50x8, 18x8.50x8 2-Link 11.00 lbs. Peerless
17x8x8, 18x6.50x8, 18x7x8 2-Link 11.00 lbs. Peerless
20x10.50x12, 21x10.50x12, 21x11.00x8, 22x10x10, 22x10x12, 23x9.50x12, 24x8.00x14, 24x8.50x12 2-Link 15.00 lbs. Peerless
22.5x12x9, 26x13.00x10, 29x12x15 2-Link 26.00 lbs. Peerless
22x11.00x8, 22x11x10, 23x10.00x12, 23x10.50x12, 24x9.50x12 2-Link 17.00 lbs. Peerless
22X8x12, 22x9.50x12 2-Link 14.00 lbs. Peerless
24x12x10, 24x12.00-12 2-Link 18.00 lbs. Peerless
4.00x4.80x8 2-Link 8.00 lbs. Peerless
4.10x3.50x6, 11x4x4, 12x3.25, 12x4x6, 12.25x3.50, 4.10x3.50x8 2-Link 5.00 lbs. Peerless
8x12, 22x8x10, 22x9x12, 23X6.50x12, 23x8.50x12 2-Link 15.00 lbs. Peerless